About MKA

Mohd Al Haj Kambar Awazi L.L.C is an authorized distributor in the UAE for NGK SPARK PLUG world's leading spark plug, applicable for all makes of passenger cars, marine vessels and industrials machineries. MKA is also an authorized distributor for ITT-JABSCO in the UAE Market, the world's largest manufacturers and suppliers of luxury and commercial craft marine toilets, as well as marine equipments and accessories. We supply the UAE market with world branded batteries, premier in stored energy solutions for marine crafts, automotive and industrial applications.MKA supplies the market with variety of premier motor cycle / ATV engine parts, parts and accessories, including tyres, batteries as well as motorcycle safety gears, such as helmets, gloves, chest guards, knee guards and other types of safety gears that the motorcycle riders require for their safety.


Mohd Al Haj Kambar Awazi L.L.C

continues to maintain an authorized distributorship for world leading manufacturers in auto /motorcycle/maritime industry. We will continue to grow with growing Dubai as world leading brand name.


Mohd Al Haj Kambar Awazi L.L.C

continues to supply the market with high quality spare parts & accessories, which serves the customers at best levels and up to satisfactory standards.

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