Utility 20' 3/4" self-priming pump

230volt/1 phase/50Hz a.c. (for d.c versions see 'Utility Puppy' in Bilge or Shower Drain sections)

  • Connections: - ¾" BSP inlet and discharge ports.
  • Dimensions: - length 275mm, width 170mm, height 171mm
  • Output: - up to 18 litres/minute (4 gallons/minute).Max 15m head
  • Built-in dry-running protection for up to 10 minutes after initial prime
  • Rapid self-priming from dry up to 2m
  • Will handle hard or soft solids
  • Corrosion resistant bronze body, stainless steel shaft
  • Carbon-ceramic mechanical shaft seal
  • Simple, fully serviceable design with few wearing parts
  • Packaged Dimensions: L:39.00 x H:27.00 x W:29.00cm
  • Actual Weight: 8.40 Kg (Approx. 9.40 Kg packed)