Bronze Engine Driven Clutch Pumps(50080-2001)

1" bronze pump, 80-size, foot mounted with BSP threaded ports

12 volt d.c. electric clutch with 2A pulley

  • Connections: - 1" BSP internal threaded ports.
  • Dimensions: - 160mm long, 180mm pulley diameter
  • Fuse Size: - 5 amp
  • Output: - at 1500 rpm 80 litres/minute (17.5 galls/min) at 3m total head
  • Bilge and deck wash pump
  • Bronze body, stainless steel shaft
  • Neoprene impeller fitted as standard for maximum performance with clean or lightly contaminated water. Nitrile option for use with oily water
  • Self-priming up to 2m vertical lift
  • Can handle moderate amounts of suspended solid matter
  • Packaged Dimensions: L:33.00 x H:20.00 x W:22.00cm
  • Actual Weight: 6.34 Kg (Approx. 7.34 Kg packed)