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Our motorcycle batteries can be used for BMW, Honda, Harley-Davidson, Yamaha and all types of street motorcycles & off road motorcycles. We also have a wide range of scooter batteries, power sports batteries, ATV batteries, jet ski batteries, snow mobile batteries car battery and VRLA battery.

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Maintenance Free Battery

Poweroad maintenance free batteery with acid pack became popular on motorcycles because its acid is absorbed into the medium which separates the plates. It cannot spill and this medium also lends support to the plates which helps them better to withstand vibration.

High Performance

Poweroad high performance battery is an outstanding benefit for heavily accessorized machines or high compression engines. Its high cranking power is also a real bonus for easier starting.

Conventional Series

Poweroad Conventional battery is engineered to protect against corrosion, withstand vibration and deliver high cranking power.

Sealed Factory Activated

In our Sealed MF design, the acid is completely absorbed into glass mat separators which are sandwiched between the lead plates. It's a totally sealed and maintenance free design.

Poweroad AGM motorbike batteries offer the following advantages over conventional batteries:

  • Its unique design eliminates the need to maintain water levels.
  • AGM technology will not leak or corrode on paint and chrome.
  • Less internal resistance which offers more CCA amperage than wet batteries.
  • By nature AGM motorcycle batteries are more heat and vibration resistant than conventional batteries, both of which contribute to the large majority of failures in motorcycle applications.
  • Slower self-discharge rate (longer shelf life) means battery can sit for extended periods of time without constant monitoring. A wet battery discharges 15% a month, where our AGM motorbike batteries discharge only 2-3% a month.

Gel Type Battery

  • 100% compatible with your Harley-Davidson motorcycles.
  • Unique gel electrolyte, never need refilling.
  • Absolutely leakage free, more than non-spillable.
  • Need less charging in standby or storage mode.
  • Extreme vibration resistance.
  • Improved charge recovery and super lifespan.

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